Essex County Personal Injury Lawyer

If you were injured in an accident, you may be wondering if you should hire a personal injury lawyer, speak to the insurance company, or sign any forms.

You can get answers to these questions and other valuable information about your personal injury claim by:

  • Reading the information on this website;
  • Getting a copy of our free book; and
  • Calling for a free consultation at (978) 740-9433

Some of the more common questions we receive from our clients concerning their personal injury claims include:

Salem Personal Injury Lawyer

When you hire Attorney Bob Allison, he will provide experienced and dedicated representation with a record of proven results and satisfied clients, and personal attention to your case, questions and concerns including:

  • You will be informed about your case and our legal services.
  • Your phone calls, e-mails and questions will be answered promptly.
  • Your medical records, bills and any lost wage information will be obtained by us.
  • You will receive copies of correspondence and important papers.
  • Your case will be thoroughly investigated, researched, and evaluated.
  • You will have your legal rights and options explained to you in plain English.
  • You will not have to deal with insurance companies (except your own)
  • You will receive experienced and competent representation.
  • You will be treated with honesty, courtesy, and respect.
  • You pay no fee or reimbursement for expenses unless you receive compensation for your personal injury claim.

Free Personal Injury Consultation in Salem, Massachusetts

If you were injured in an accident, contact Attorney Bob Allison now for a free consultation by calling 978-740-9433, filling out our free consultation form located at the top of this page, or sending us an e-mail. We look forward to talking to you about your Massachusetts personal injury claim.

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