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PIP Exclusions: When “No Fault” Is Your Fault

By on August 10, 2018

Personal Injury Protection Exclusions By statute Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits are required for all Massachusetts automobile insurance policies. This coverage provides for payment of “all reasonable expenses incurred within two years from the date of accident for necessary medical, surgical, x-ray, and dental services,” as well as lost wages and payments for necessary household […]

Discovery & the Medical Peer Review Privilege

By on July 25, 2018

In Massachusetts, strong public policy mandates the highest quality of care in our health care facilities and the prompt discipline of errant physicians. That public policy is represented in a strict regulatory scheme covering virtually all aspects of hospital operations. Integral to this scheme is “an effective process for self-scrutiny, manifest most prominently in the […]

The Twists & Turns of Driveway Easements

By on July 20, 2018

An easement in real estate is a limited, non-possessory right to enter and use land owned by another for a specific purpose and obligates the landowner not to interfere with the uses authorized by the easement. At law, the land on which the easement exists is referred to as the “servient estate” while the land […]