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No Man’s Land: Liability for Defects in a Public Sidewalk in Massachusetts

By on December 15, 2016
Who is liable in a slip-and-fall accident on public sidewalk? Attorney Bob Allison has the answers.

Liability of Cities and Towns For nearly two centuries, cities and towns in Massachusetts have been statutorily tasked with control of sidewalk maintenance and repair as part of an elaborate and comprehensive statutory system establishing municipal liability for injuries resulting from defects in public ways. The statutory scheme requires notice of injury to the municipality […]

Road Condition Accidents & Injuries: Who Is Responsible?

By on November 10, 2016

The August issue of Legal News discussed the Massachusetts notice requirements for injuries from defects in a way. This issue focuses on the pitfalls involved in determining who is responsible for the condition of the way and defect that caused the accident. In Massachusetts, a person injured in an accident as a result of the […]

Bicycle Accidents in Crosswalks

By on October 25, 2016

If you were in a bicycle accident while riding your bicycle in a crosswalk, you may be wondering whether the motorist is at fault. While there are laws protecting pedestrians from motorists when a pedestrian enters and uses a marked crosswalk, this law may not apply to bicyclists riding in a crosswalk. However, there are […]