Bicycle Accidents in Crosswalks

If you were in a bicycle accident while riding your bicycle in a crosswalk, you may be wondering whether the motorist is at fault.

While there are laws protecting pedestrians from motorists when a pedestrian enters and uses a marked crosswalk, this law may not apply to bicyclists riding in a crosswalk.

However, there are other rules of the road in effect; the purpose of these are to protect all of us from careless motorists. Some of these rules include keeping a proper lookout at all times, giving yourself enough space to stop safely if someone comes in your path, using care in starting and stopping, giving a warning by sounding your horn when necessary, not speeding, and obeying all official street markings, such as crosswalks.

Also, in Massachusetts you can still recover compensation for your case if you were negligent as long as your negligence was not greater than the negligence of the motorist.

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