Ten Reasons You Should Hire a Massachusetts Car Accident Attorney

An experienced Massachusetts car accident attorney will help you with many of the concerns you may have following a car accident such as the payment of medical bills and lost wages and talking to insurance companies, and handling any car accident claims you may have.

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  1. No fee unless successful: A Massachusetts car accident attorney receives no fee unless successful in obtaining compensation for you.  Massachusetts law requires attorneys to sign Contingent Fee Agreements which indicate that the attorney’s fee is contingent upon the attorney obtaining compensation for his client.
  2. Free initial consultation: Most attorneys offer a free initial consultation to prospective clients.
  3. Insurance Companies: Your attorney will correspond with and talk to adjusters from insurance companies providing coverage for your auto accident claim.  In addition, the attorney will find out how much insurance is available to cover your loss.
  4. Investigation/Research: Your attorney will fully investigate and research liability. The investigation may include obtaining police reports, photos of the scene and the car involved in the accident, witness statements, and various other documents.
  5. Injuries/Damage: The attorney will establish your damages by obtaining, organizing and reviewing your medical records and medical bills and any loss wage information.
  6. Property Damage: Most attorneys will help you with property damage and car rental claims without charging an additional fee.
  7. Personal Injury Protection (PIP): If you are injured in a car accident, you will probably pursue a PIP claim. PIP insurance coverage is available to pay up to $8,000.00 for medical bills and lost wages. Many attorneys will process your PIP for no additional fee if they are representing you in a bodily injury, uninsured and/or underinsured claim.
  8. Experts: If necessary, your attorney will retain the services of qualified experts.
  9. Settlement: When the time is right, your attorney will evaluate your claim, send a demand letter to the insurer, and negotiate with the adjuster with the goal of obtaining a fair and just settlement for you.
  10. Lawsuit: If a fair and just settlement cannot be achieved, your attorney  will file a lawsuit against the defendant, aggressively pursue your lawsuit and, if necessary, go to trial.

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By Bob Allison ǀ Last updated December 8, 2015

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