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High Court Finds No Exception to Statute of Repose

By on May 6, 2019

Diseases with Extended Latency Periods The June 2018 issue of Legal News featured a discussion of a possible exception to the six-year limit set forth in the Massachusetts statute of repose during which any tort action alleging deficiency or neglect in “the design, planning, construction, or general administration of an improvement to real property” must […]

Attorney-Client Privilege: Be Vigilant or You May Lose It

By on May 6, 2019

The attorney-client privilege belongs solely to the client, and protects communications between a client and their attorney from disclosure permanently, and even after death, unless the client waives the privilege. The privilege can be waived either intentionally or unintentionally, and it’s easier to waive than you may think. Simply disclosing the information to a third […]

When the Rules of Professional Responsibility Collide

By on February 21, 2019
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All lawyers have ethical obligations to the public, the courts, their clients, and even opposing counsel and parties. In Massachusetts, the Rules of Professional Conduct issued by the Supreme Judicial Court govern almost every aspect of legal practice. Two of the most recognized rules are those addressing the confidentiality of information and zealous advocacy. Preserving […]