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Many clients tell us that a significant factor in choosing an attorney is a track record of results, including significant verdicts and settlements.

You are free, of course, to choose your attorney by random chance or by going to one of those “specially chosen” lawyer websites.
IMPORTANT: Each case is different. What we were able to achieve in someone else’s case does not mean that we’ll get that for you. Nothing on this entire website is meant to promise you anything in terms of what we can achieve for you.

Prior Accidents Provide Notice of Danger

By on September 17, 2018
robert allison attorney

Most people know that standing in an open field or under a tree during a thunderstorm isn’t a good idea. Experience and observation have established that lightning will strike the tallest object in its vicinity and people use that information to avoid increased danger.  Similarly, in the law of negligence, evidence of prior accidents may sometimes […]

Can a Massachusetts Tenant’s Use of Property Defeat a Warranty of Habitability Claim?

By on March 30, 2018
robert allison attorney

Using a mixture of Massachusetts law on comparative negligence and products liability, a recent case from the Northeast Housing Court answered yes, and dismissed all claims against a defendant landlord although a jury had found the landlord negligent. By statute, Massachusetts has adopted the rule of “modified comparative negligence.” Under this rule, a plaintiff is […]