How Will a Truck Accident Lawyer Prove Your Case

A truck accident lawyer must prove 4 elements before you can receive any compensation for your damages:

  1. That the person or company owed you a duty of care;
  2. That the person or company breached the duty of care or in other words was negligent;
  3. That you suffered damages;
  4. That the person or company’s negligence was a cause of your damages.

How To Prove Your Truck Crash Case

The law provides that the driver and the trucking company owe you a duty of care, so the first element is already established.

A trucking accident attorney will work to determine who was responsible (negligent) for the truck wreck by fully investigating the crash.

In addition, your attorney will work to establish your damages by:

  • Obtaining all of your medical records and bills;
  • Getting any evidence of lost earnings;
  • Hiring a medical expert to help establish the nature and extent of your injuries, a diagnosis and prognosis, the extent of any impairment, and whether your damages were caused by the accident;
  • Speaking to you and witnesses concerning your damages;
  • Organizing and properly documenting the evidence concerning your damages;
  • Reviewing, analyzing, and evaluating the facts and expert opinions concerning your damages.