Injury and Accident Lawyer in Lynn, Massachusetts

Attorney Bob Allison has been helping injury and accident victims from Lynn, MA, receive fair and just compensation for over 26 years. While his clients are undergoing medical treatment and recovering from their injuries, he handles all matters concerning their personal injury claim. This includes dealing with the insurance company, obtaining medical records and bills, dealing with any collection efforts by medical providers, investigating their claim, and working to obtain fair and just compensation for his clients. Attorney Allison’s practice areas include motor vehicle accidentsslip and fall accidentsdog bites, and product liability claims.

How Much Time Do I Have To File a Lawsuit?

You have three years from the date of the accident to settle your personal injury claim or file a lawsuit. Also, some claims require that you send proper notice within a specific time period. So, if you are thinking about pursuing a personal injury claim, you should contact an attorney to find out if any notice requirements apply to you.

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Lawsuits and Courts in Lynn, MA

If you live in Lynn and need to file a personal injury lawsuit, it will probably be filed in Lynn District Court, located at 580 Essex St, Lynn, Massachusetts, or Essex County Superior Court. If you file a lawsuit in Essex Superior Court, it will be assigned to Salem Superior Court, Lawrence Superior Court, or Newburyport Superior Court. The decision to file your lawsuit in District Court or Superior Court depends on whether or not there is a reasonable likelihood that your recovery will exceed $25,000 (District Court is $25,000 and under while Superior Court is over $25,000). Lynn District Court also handles small claims actions, evictions, and criminal matters.

Legal Help and Information for Lynn, MA, Residents

Some legal resources which you might find helpful are:

Massachusetts Law Library

Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Regulations

Massachusetts General Laws

Lynn, MA, City Ordinances

Discover Lynn, Massachusetts

As the largest city in Essex County, Lynn is known for its diverse population, cultural downtown district, and historical architecture. Once nicknamed the “City of Sin” because of the city’s reputation for crime and corruption, Lynn is now revitalized with many forms of art and entertainment. In 2012, Lynn was named one of Massachusetts’ first state-recognized arts and culture districts.

Home to more than 90,000 inhabitants, Lynn is continues to grow into a culturally diverse city with a unique personality in the heart of the Boston metropolitan area.

Testimonial from a Lynn Client

F. Robert Allison, Attorney at LawI have been doing business with Mr. Allison for many years. He’s handling all of my legal services for my family and my business. He is sufficient in all of his work, response to all his clients, follow up in all his works. His clients are his Number 1 priority, he takes the time to talk and explain to his clients and he values his client’s opinions. A few years ago, Mr. Allison did help me with my personal injury case. I’m very satisfied with the outcome of the case and I would recommend to all of you out there to give Mr. Allison a chance to represent you in your next personal injury case. I know you will be glad you did.

Hong T. Nguyen
Lynn, MA

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