The Friendship of Salem

The Friendship of Salem, a replica of the 1797 vessel Friendship, is owned by the National Park Service. The replica was built by Scarano Brothers Shipyard in Albany, New York using modern materials and construction methods and was launched in 1996.

From our office, we can see this beautiful full rigged ship (a sailing vessel with three or more masts) docked at the Salem Maritime National Historic Site, the first American national Historic Site. It measures 171 feet in length, has a 30 foot beam, and has a crew of 25 volunteers under the supervision of the National Park Service.

Most of the year, the ship is a museum to visitors to Salem’s waterfront, however it is a fully functioning ship and sets sail several times a year to partake in maritime festivals close to home.

Tours of the Friendship, the U.S. Custom House, and the other historic structures located at the Salem Maritime National Historic Site are offered by the Park Service, offering visitors a chance to learn about Salem’s maritime trade and about the men who sailed the ship all over the world.

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