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Attorney Bob Allison has been helping injury and accident victims from Peabody, MA, receive fair and just compensation for over 26 years. While his clients are undergoing medical treatment and recovering from their injuries, he handles all matters concerning their personal injury claim. This includes dealing with the insurance company, obtaining medical records and bills, dealing with any collection efforts by medical providers, investigating their claim, and working to obtain fair and just compensation for his clients. Attorney Allison’s practice areas include motor vehicle accidentsslip and fall accidentsdog bites, and product liability claims.

How Much Time Do I Have To File a Lawsuit

You have three years from the date of the accident to settle your personal injury claim or file a lawsuit. Also, some claims require that you send proper notice within a specific time period. So, if you are thinking about pursuing a personal injury claim, you should contact an attorney to find out if any notice requirements apply to you.

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Peabody Lawsuits and Courts

If you live in Peabody and need to file a personal injury lawsuit, it will probably be filed in Peabody District Court, located at One Lowell Street, Peabody, Massachusetts, or Essex County Superior Court. If you file a lawsuit in Essex Superior Court, it will be assigned to Salem Superior Court, Lawrence Superior Court, or Newburyport Superior Court. The decision to file your lawsuit in District Court or Superior Court depends on whether or not there is a reasonable likelihood that your recovery will exceed $25,000 (District Court is $25,000 and under while Superior Court is over $25,000). Peabody District Court also handles small claims actions, evictions, and criminal matters.

Legal Resources for Peabody, MA, Residents

Some legal resources which you might find helpful are:

Massachusetts Law Library

Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Regulations

Massachusetts General Laws

Peabody, MA, City Ordinances


Information about Peabody, Massachusetts

Originally, Peabody was known as the Northfields and was a part of Salem. Then, in 1752, it was made a part of Danvers. In 1868, it broke off from Danvers and was named Peabody after George Peabody, an international financier and philanthropist who was born in Danvers in 1792.

The total area of Peabody is 16.8 square miles and there are 52,000 people residing in the city. In April, 2009, it was listed number 14 on Forbes magazine’s most livable cities in America. Some of its major landmarks and attractions are Brooksby Farm, the North Shore Mall, and the Salem Country Club. Learn more about Peabody and all it has to offer at

Bob was raised and educated in Peabody and attended the Carroll School, Kennedy Junior High and Peabody High School. Peabody was a great city to be raised in as there was plenty to do with park leagues in the summer, neighborhood teams and games, and recreation and church leagues in the winter. In addition, Peabody had excellent grammar school, junior high and high school teachers and coaches.

Testimonials From Some of Our Peabody Clients

F. Robert Allison, Attorney at LawI want to thank Attorney Allison for everything he did for me and my family. I could not have asked for anyone better! Attorney Allison was very dependable and honest about my case over the last few years. Honestly, I would refer him to anyone that needed a good lawyer! His services are wonderful and his secretary Diane is a joy to talk to. I want to wish her the best of luck from me and Jessica. I want to thank Attorney Allison again for everything and also wish him the best of luck in the future. It was a pleasure to have him work for me.

David Cummings
Peabody, MA

F. Robert Allison, Attorney at LawOn numerous occasions I have called on Bob Allison for assistance. Bob has always responded to my requests in a very timely fashion. I feel extremely fortunate to be represented by an attorney with Bob’s devotion and commitment to his clients.

Edward Charest
Peabody, MA

F. Robert Allison, Attorney at LawAtty. Robert Allison, in my experience how he handle my case in the past and present in my automobile accident, there is no words to express, he is the Top Gun in his profession. As we say, family first, for him client first, he has all the traits and quality you are looking for a lawyer that will represent your case. Communication, Responsiveness, Quality of service, Value of money. I recommend his office to all my friends, co-worker, or anybody I meet in the street that they been in accident or any legal help. If you are with Atty. Robert Allison you are in good hands…like good food in a restaurant you keep on coming back and you recommend it… and by the way his secretary Diane is awesome, like Robert she is always on top of everything. I highly recommend him to anybody.

Fernando Sims
Peabody, MA

F. Robert Allison, Attorney at LawAttorney Allison did an excellent job in handling my case. He kept us informed about everything he was doing. My wife and I were extremely satisfied with everything he did for us.

Albert Mason
Peabody, MA

F. Robert Allison, Attorney at Law
I am so appreciative of the help you gave me in my lawsuit. You exceeded my expectations and your professionalism was greatly appreciated. I will recommend you to anyone who is in need of help. You informed me every step of the way and also Diane, your secretary was great. Thank you so much.

Yvonne Fucci
Peabody, MA

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