Massachusetts Real Estate Lawyer

Buying or selling a home in Massachusetts is a very important occasion.  It also involves the single biggest investment most of us will make in our lifetimes.  So it is important to hire an experienced real estate lawyer to look out for your interests.

Prepare and Review Real Estate Documents

We provide comprehensive real estate attorney services for buyers and sellers purchasing or selling real estate including reviewing or preparing the following documents:

Representing the Seller

 When we represent the seller in the sale of real estate, we will prepare or review and revise the Purchase and Sale Agreement.   If necessary, we will work with buyer’s attorney to ensure  that title to the property is clear.  Prior to the closing, we will ensure that the broker has obtained the smoke and carbon monoxide detector certificates from the fire department, final water readings and oil/fuel readings.  We will prepare the deed and will review the closing documents to be signed at closing, and will obtain seller’s signature to these documents.

Representing the Lender

When we represent the lender, we will examine the title to the property to ensure clear title, and will order a Municipal Lien Certificate from the city or town so that we can confirm that  real estate taxes on the property are paid and, if applicable, we will order a plot plan to ensure there are no boundary or set back issues.   Once your loan is approved and all conditions have been satisfied, we will schedule your closing.  We will obtain the closing documents from the lender and review them.  After the closing, we will handle the recording of the necessary documents and then the transfer of funds.

Representing the Buyer

When we represent the buyer, we will review, revise, prepare, and advise you about the Offer to Purchase and/or the Purchase and Sale Agreement.   In addition, we will review the title to the property, determine the status of any outstanding real estate taxes, review the lender’s closing documents, including the Closing Disclosure Statement, and attend the closing if necessary.

In most cases, our office represents both, the buyer and the buyer’s lender. Oftentimes, a  lender will contact our office before the Purchase and Sale Agreement has been signed and request that we review the agreement.  From that point on, we work with the buyer and the lender to be sure that the transaction progresses smoothly.


We will communicate with you throughout the entire process of selling or buying a home and answer any questions you may have and help you avoid costly mistakes.

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