Ten Reasons You Should hire a Massachusetts Truck Accident Lawyer

When there is a truck accident and the possibility of personal injury and property damage, the trucking industry and its insurers take action. Many of them will immediately send out a team made up of investigators, experts, and attorneys to investigate the accident, collect evidence, and work to prepare a defense which minimizes or eliminates the trucking company’s responsibility for the accident.

As soon as you hire an experienced truck accident lawyer, the attorney will immediately begin work on your case.

The attorney will:

  • Obtain accident and/or police reports;
  • If necessary, send an investigator to the scene and hire liability expert(s);
  • Obtain witness statements;
  • Obtain photos of the scene and vehicles involved;
  • Determine if the truck driver violated any rules of the road or any trucking laws or regulations such as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Regulations;
  • Send a letter to the trucking company to preserve any evidence it may have such as photographs, videos, the driver’s file, the driver’s log, the driver’s medical file, any inspection reports, and data from the electronic control monitors “black box”;
  • Obtain evidence of your damages such as your medical records and bills and any lost earnings;
  • Retain medical expert(s);
  • Deal with the insurance company; and
  • Contact any government agencies that have investigated the truck accident and/or have information concerning the people or entities responsible for the accident.